The project is a independent server to advance innovation and creativity.


Join us:

Your active support is very much welcome !

We looking forward to many interessted Co-thinkers and Co-operators and as well to interessting people, who want to join our association, which will be founded in may 1998.

Also we’re in need of patrons and sponsors, which support us in working at this project.

Please send us your ideas and articles for this project and the subject vision !!

or feel free to join the mailinglist if you’re really interessted !

Our targets are:

  • building a platform for visionary ideas
  • giving possibilities to develop visions in a network
  • make it more easy for projects projects to search for sponsors, patrons and co-operators
  • building a network of people with advanced and progressive ideas.
  • experiment with new ways of communication and participation


The  dossier for this project is till now only aviable in german. We’re working on an english version (if somebody could check the english spelling, please contact us). If your interessted - you can download the word 6.0 document to your harddisk.

If you understand a little bit of german you can also make a tour, which will give you more informations about the project.

We looking forward to every Feedback !



project to advance innovation and creativity

We looking forward to any suggestions and help
 to develop this experiment :-)