The Internet opens new possibilities to exchange ideas beetween people with  different ways of life.

But till now this chance is not well enough used to develop together new perspectives for our future.

Different World's

Out of this thougt the project “” was started in february 1997.

At the Informationpage you will get a short description about the targets of the project.

Till now we worked out the project only in german language. But if you would have an interessting article in another language, we would be glad to place this in our News-Section.

It is our plan to develop the project also in english, french and maybe another language. But this will be a vision for the next time ...

So to develop the project in another language, we will need some visionary persons, who are interessted to work together. We would support you with our whole experience and knowledge, which we got, while working out the german version.

As well we’re in search for sponsors, which would support the idea of a multilanguage project. Please feel free to contact us for further informations.



project to advance innovation and creativity

We looking forward to any suggestions and help
 to develop this experiment :-)